I’m Shawn Shapton

I am excited to announce that I will be running for Mayor of the City of Woodstock. It has been an absolute pleasure to represent our incredible community as a City Councilor during this term of council. This was a role I did not take lightly and put 100% of my abilities into making fiscally responsible decisions for the citizens of Woodstock.

I have devoted my time to fully understanding the role entrusted to myself as a municipal representative and have worked hard to listen and take action for our constituents. I am confident with my experience as a local business owner, parent and proud Woodstonian that I can lead our community in a professional and accountable manner.

The time has come that we need a true leader with a strong business sense and the ability to re-focus on the core needs for our community and tax payers. Communication and transparency throughout the entire term and not just at election time will be paramount when elected as Mayor. I plan on holding regular town hall style meetings to ensure transparency and accountability so our constituents feel informed and heard.

I have great concerns with the large amounts of money being spent at the County level with little benefit to our tax payers. The next term of council will be faced with decisions regarding acquiring land, affordable housing, youth programming, weekly recycling, the expansion to the South Gate Center and downtown revitalization Just to name a few.

All of that while maintaining our current infrastructure and increased demands for staffing as our city continues to grow and push our boundaries in all directions.

We need to enhance our current partnerships with groups like the BIA, Chamber of Commerce, United Way and all stakeholders in our community in order to ensure their success. Collaboration with these groups will provide balance and strength to our entire community with a common goal and vision.

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Join Shawn Shapton’s team to make Woodstock a brighter place.