Shawn’s Platform

My Platform Categories:

  • Affordable Housing
  • Mental Health
  • Seniors
  • Core Spending
  • Transit(More Efficient)
  • Economic Development

I can’t tell you how excited I am to be running for Mayor! What an honor it has been to represent our incredible community over the past four years as a City Councilor.

First I want you to understand why I chose to run for mayor. We are at a cross roads and we need a leader that has the experience in creating solid partnerships and relationships that will last our community for decades.

We can’t be drawn into programs that only work when grant money is available and then left holding the bill. Woodstock was built on small to mid-size businesses and our community continues to thrive because of them. We can’t move forward without appreciating our past and realizing the sacrifice so many have made to ensure our community is successful.

We need a leader that understands the challenges of being a business owner with the compassion of raising a family. So many families are struggling to make ends meet for one reason or another and not through lack of trying or determination. It’s time we refocus our spending on the core needs of the City to ensure stability.

Woodstock has experienced incredible growth the past 10 years all over the City with very few changes to our downtown core or tax relief to our citizens. I’m not your typical politician and I won’t promise to lower taxes and create a grand plan for the next four years that simply can’t be kept. Four years ago I promised I would rather be a spokesperson for our community than a politician. I have a track record for getting things done and I’m not afraid to tackle issues that normally wouldn’t be addressed. In June of 2016 our community faced a youth Suicide crisis. Although this is not typically a municipal council issue I chose to work with all community mental health partners, local police, MPP and most importantly our youth to help change the path of this issue and how mental health programs are made available to all.

Politics is only political because of politicians! We need a leader that will listen instead of imposing their vision on our community. You can’t expect a different result using the same formula.

Transit – We need to work closely with our drivers and staff to ensure we are delivering the best transit service we can. Implementing the route changes and adding additional hours of service is  the first step of many to ensure it’s working. I want to see our ridership increase and my plan is to offer free transit to all high school aged kids so they have access to facilities and programming throughout our City.
Working together with City staff and creating efficiencies will be key to our success this next term. I look forward to working with all Departments to keep moving Woodstock forward.

It’s time we move Woodstock forward! Our city belongs to all of us and no one should be left behind regardless of financial status or abilities. Bringing our community partners together to create goals both big and small ensuring success for all involved. I will be the leader that will listen and find common ground on issues to keep the business of the City moving forward. Together we are better.

If this is part of your vision for Woodstock I want to hear from you!


Join Shawn Shapton’s team to make Woodstock a brighter place.